Intricate Woodwork Creates Elegant Spaces

We construct everything from the structure framing to custom cabinetry to custom doors

Whether you want to add woodworking details to your home or aprtment  or need custom cabinets in your kitchen, Oceanview Custom Woodworks is here to help. We're a reputable woodworking company located in Hialeah, FL. We transform homes all across Southern Florida with custom cabinetry, closets and doors.

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Maximize Your Closet Space

Maximize Your Closet Space

Take advantage of unused space with a custom closet design

Custom Cabinetry

Our custom cabinets improve the functionality and design of homes in Hialeah, FL and beyond.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Closets

We design closets so you spend less time searching for that perfect outfit.

Custom Closets

Custom Woodwork

Improve your home with small elements that make a big impression.

Custom Woodwork

Custom Doors

Enhance your home's appearance inside and out with custom doors.

Custom Doors

4 reasons to choose Oceanview

When you're looking for a woodworking company that serves the Hialeah, FL and South Florida, make sure to hire a team of qualified craftsmen. Here are four reasons to choose Oceanview Custom Woodworks for your woodworking projects:


We're a family owned and operated company.

We treat our customers like an extension of our family.


We pride ourselves on using American wood and lumber.

We support other industries by sourcing our wood products from American companies.


We customize features.

You can rest assured that the woodwork in your home is one-of-a-kind.


We're bilingual.

Our team speaks English and Spanish.

Make a Good First Impression

Make a Good First Impression

Make your home inviting with a custom wooden door

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